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You've a made a great decision to get started.  Because estate planning in Florida is a very important and personal decision, we to cover a few specifics about your package and our process, just as we would in a traditional law office setting, to confirm your decision before enrolling you in this specific program.

Two Things I Want to Be Sure You Understand Before Ordering

First, I believe you've made an excellent choice in selecting a trust package for yourself and your loved ones and I congratulate you on your decision.

In general, trust planning is far superior to relying upon a basic last will because, if used correctly, it does a few key things in the event of death or disability, the most notable of which are:

1.  It changes how your estate will be managed, away from a court supervised process, and toward a private, and yes confidential, process based upon a contract which is your trust.

2.  It limits hurdles that your appointees inevitably have to jump through if there is no trust, such as hassling with financial companies to get powers of attorney accepted or pursuing expensive and time consuming guardianship or probate proceedings. 

3.  It offers much more flexibility if changes to assets need to be made due to numerous factors.  

For example, the following benefits of a Florida living trust are well recognized:

1.  The ability to avoid Florida probate of assets by titling all of the estate assets in the living trust; and

2.  Flexibility for disability and pre-Medicaid planning given the amount of the discretion that your successor trustee; and

3.  Options for special needs planning for the trust beneficiaries (i.e. this can be ideal for parents of adult children who are on need based (SSI) disability assistance and would otherwise be disqualified. 

4.  Options for providing protection for children of previous marriages in blended families.

Also, remember when I mentioned the following:

Second, there are circumstances that the Virtual Florida Estate Planning 5 Step Program may need to customized after some conversations such as:

1, multiple marriages with blended families
2. families with special needs situations
3. aging adult medical care concerns
4. high net worth "taxable" estates
5. non "U.S. Citizen" planning

Third, this is typically a FLORIDA ESTATE PLANNING PACKAGE and may not be ideal IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER STATE OF RESIDENCY, with the possible exception of avoiding probate for Florida investment property or a second home.   If that is the case, contact our office prior to signing up at

While I do hope to offer packages for other states in the future in partnership with other licensed attorneys, I am specifically licensed to provide attorney prepared documents in Florida and California.  

If any of the above concerns are present in your situation, we are available to help you move forward with confidence in selecting the trust package that makes the most sense to you.

Even if you were to select a package isn't quite a fit, rest assured that after you complete work on the Factfinding Step of your 5 Step Process, we'll have our video conference during the Collaboration Step, during which we will discuss your estate concerns in detail and may make final recommendations accordingly.  If this requires an upgrade or additional services, we may recommend altering your package accordingly.

So our shared goal is to prepare an amazing Florida estate plan that is the right one and there is absolutely no risk to getting started.

If you do have questions of any nature prior to moving forward you can e-mail our legal team directly at

Just A Pre-Order Review of Your 5 Step Process

1. Upon ordering your package, you'll be sent a follow up e-mail by our team with login credentials for your secure client portal. In the portal will be your Client Agreement Authorization for your appropriate package and you will be asked to review and sign it to initiate an attorney - client relationship.

2. You will also be asked to upload a scanned image of your U.S. password or Florida Driver's License or ID so we can verify your identity. All of this information is maintained strictly confidential and and in a private secured portal in accordance with Florida Bar rules concerning confidential client communications.

A brief review of the 5 Step Virtual Florida Estate Planning Process is as follows:

STEP 1 - In your portal will be an introduction to the resources available and the entire process. You will be guided through a series of tutorials, to give you some important background information on estate planning documents and our process. When you're ready to start gathering information, you'll move on to the next step.  

STEP 2 - Fact Finding: In this step, you will be provided with an easy to complete estate planning questionnaire in your client portal and will have the opportunity to submit questions and receive feedback by e-mail or phone concerning the questions and information to be gathered. When you've compiled all necessary information, you'll move on to the next step.

STEP 3 - Collaboration: In this step, you will exchange information ("confidentially) with the Gibbs Law virtual legal team. First, you will upload you completed questionnaire. Next, you will schedule from your secure portal a video conference with the Gibbs Law virtual legal team and this will be an opportunity for you (and us) to clarify any areas that lack clarity or otherwise need to be reviewed. During this phase, if there are any plan issues identified by the attorney, they will be discussed in detail and an alternative plan may be proposed.

STEP 4 - Document Preparation: In this step, the legal team will commence preparing your customized Florida estate planning documents to be supervised and reviewed by a Gibbs Law Florida licensed attorney. You'll be notified when your initial "draft" documents have been completed and available for review in your secure portal. During this phase you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback and questions to the team. This step may also include discussing concerns and modifications by e-mail and another phone or video conference if needed.

STEP 5 - Delivery: This step will begin with the delivery of your final Florida estate planning documents. During this step, you will schedule your virtual signing appointment with our virtual legal team or will proceed with our instructions to have your documents executed with the the appropriate Florida formalities. If you've opted to have us coordinate your signing with virtual notary signing services, a signing date will be scheduled from your client portal at this time. When everything is properly executed, you will either scan and upload copies of your executed documents or send to our main offices to scan into our secure system. This step will conclude with an exit video with instructions trust funding and tips for storing and distributing documents and maintaining your plan.  

Below are 2 Florida Trust Plus packages. If you're ready to proceed and get started, just click the GOLD BUTTON ABOVE THE PACKAGES to access the order form. You'll need to SELECT THE SINGLE OR COUPLES PACKAGE ON THE ORDER FORM and click the button to authorize.

We’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for caring people just like you who are struggling with how to go about getting professionally prepared legal estate planning documents.

Congrats again and we are excited to help you attain the peace of mind partnering with you to address these important decisions. 

If you do have questions or concerns prior to getting started, I invite you to contact our caring virtual legal team at  

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.


Steve Gibbs, Esq.

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 Or Just Want To Talk To A Person?  
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living trust plus fl single
 ($3,637 Value - Based Upon Customary Law Firm Charges in FL)
Comprehensive Flat Fee Billed Immediately, 
no set up fees or other charges.
  •  1 Florida Estate Planning KickStart PDF Guide and Organizer  ($97 Value)
  •   1 Video Orientation and Video Tutorials ($395 Value)
  • 1 Florida Revocable Living Trust ($1295 Value)
  • 1 Florida Last Will & Testament  ($350 Value)
  • 1 Florida Durable Power of Attorney  ($350 Value)
  • 1 Florida Designation of Healthcare Surrogate  (250 Value)
  • 1 FL Living Will and HIPAA Release  ($150 Value)
  • E-mail and Phone Support During Process ($500 Value)
  • Florida Signing Instructions ($250 Value)
living trust plus fl couple
($5,487 Value - Based Upon Customary Law Firm Charges in FL)
Comprehensive Flat Fee Billed Immediately, 
no set up fees or other charges.
  •  1 Florida Estate Planning KickStart PDF Guide and Organizer  ($97 Value)
  •   1 Video Orientation and Video Tutorials ($395 Value)
  • 1 Joint Florida Living Trust ($1795 Value)
  • 2 Florida Last Will & Testament  ($500 Value)
  • 2 Florida Durable Power of Attorney  ($500 Value)
  • 2 Florida Designation of Healthcare Surrogate  (300 Value)
  • 2 FL Living Will and HIPAA Release  ($250 Value)
  • E-mail and Phone Support During Process ($500 Value)
  • Florida Signing Instructions ($300 Value)

Free with Your Trust Plus Package Purchase Today! 

  • ​INSTANT ACCESS: Our products are PDF downloads and delivered immediately
  • A complete OVERVIEW of estate planning concepts
  • ​An complete SUMMARY of estate planning documents
  • ​An OVERVIEW of using trusts, pros and cons
  • ​​ESTATE PLANNING forms (pdf fillable) to record your estate and fiduciary information
  • ​An OVERVIEW of estate tax planning concepts
  • An ASSET CALCULATOR to expedite your estate and financial information gathering process
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