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You've a made a great decision to get professionally prepared Florida legal documents.  Because every legal document involves some important considerations, we want to make sure and cover a few specifics, just as we would in a traditional law office setting, to confirm your decision before finalizing your order.

Two Things To Understand Before Proceeding

First, we know that you have many "web based" choices when it comes to your legal documents and you've made an excellent choice in deciding to have a professional Florida law office prepare yours.

In general, legal documents that are customized for you by an experienced attorney are far superior to forms or boilerplate documents for the following reasons:

1.  Boilerplate documents on the web are often not state specific enough or are outdated. 

2.  It is all too easy to select the wrong boilerplate document for a given purpose, and it is impossible to for an non-expert to know whether an alternative document or a whole other strategy may be a better option.   

3.  It is all too easy for a non-expert to fail to execute legal document with the right formalities.

Second, you need to know that there are circumstances that your legal document order may need to be customized after some conversations such as:

1, more than 2 co-owners on a deed leading to titling questions

2. circumstances that require verification such as adult children requesting a power of attorney for a parent

3. documents that are being requested for complex reasons such as Florida Medicaid planning

4. documents being request for non "U.S. Citizens"

If any of the above concerns are present in your situation, you can still move forward with confidence in selecting your chosen document. 

The reason being, our Virtual Florida Estate Planning 5 Step Program is followed for ALL legal documents, meaning that we will have a Factfinding Step and video conference to address any concerns and make adjustments.

If this requires an upgrade or additional services, we will discuss the reasons with you and the possibility of upgrading your plan accordingly.

Our goal is to prepare a great customized legal document that is the right one for your purposes and there is absolutely no risk to getting started.

If you do have some questions prior to moving forward you can e-mail our legal team directly at

Just a Few Other Reminders Before Getting Started

Your 5 Step Virtual Document Preparation Process is Similar to Other Virtual Estate Plan Packages as follows:

STEP 1 - Orientation:  This step is an introduction to the resources available, your process and client portal. You will be guided through a series of tutorials, to give you some important background information on estate planning documents and our process. In your portal, you will also review and sign client authorizations in pdf form which facilitate the attorney-client relationship in Florida. When you're ready to start gathering information, you'll move on to the next step.

STEP 2 - Fact Finding:  In this step, you will be provided with an easy to complete estate planning questionnaire in your client portal and will have the opportunity to submit questions and receive feedback by e-mail or phone concerning the questions and information to be gathered. When you've compiled all necessary information, you'll move on to Step 3.

STEP 3 - Collaboration:  In this step, you will exchange information ("confidentially) with the Gibbs Law virtual legal team. First, you will upload you completed questionnaire. Next, you will schedule from your secure portal a video conference with the Gibbs Law virtual legal team and this will be an opportunity for you (and us) to clarify any areas that lack clarity or otherwise need to be reviewed. During this phase, if there are any plan issues identified by the attorney, they will be discussed in detail and an alternative plan may be proposed.

STEP 4 - Document Preparation:  In this step, the legal team will commence preparing your customized Florida estate planning documents to be supervised and reviewed by a Gibbs Law Florida licensed attorney. You'll be notified when your initial "draft" documents have been completed and available for review in your secure portal. During this phase you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback and questions to the team. This step may also include discussing concerns and modifications by e-mail and another phone or video conference if needed.

STEP 5 - Delivery:  This step will begin with the delivery of your final Florida estate planning documents. During this step, you will schedule your virtual signing appointment with our virtual legal team or will proceed with our instructions to have your documents executed with the the appropriate Florida formalities. If you've opted to have us coordinate your signing with virtual notary signing services, a signing date will be scheduled from your client portal at this time. When everything is properly executed, you will either scan and upload copies of your executed documents or send to our main offices to scan into our secure system. This step will conclude with an exit video with instructions trust funding and tips for storing and distributing documents and maintaining your plan.

The above steps will also be organized into various steps in your secure client portal.

Feel free to add more than one document as these can be consolidated into the same 3 step process.

Florida Attorney Prepared Will and Trust Packages

I also encourage you that a number the documents below are included in our Florida Basic Will Plus and Florida Trust Plus packages. 

The reason that I mention these options is because in my experience these documents work together extremely well and purchasing a package is a great way to get a discount and is often a more efficient way to cover all of your legal needs.

Also, if you add any estate planning package, you'll also get the Estate Planner's Kickstart Guide, featured below, as a free gift for signing up for an estate planning package and this tool is awesome for storing all of your business and personal asset information.

If you're ready to proceed and get started, just click the GREY BUTTON BELOW to access the order form. Again, you'll need to select both here and in the final order form whether you which documents you wish to order.

f you do want to REVISIT FLORIDA WILL PLUS or TRUST PLUS PACKAGES, click the BLUE WILL PLUS BUTTON or GOLD TRUST PLUS BUTTON IMMEDIATELY BELOW to go to those pages. These package will open in separate windows so you can compare by click on each and doing some toggling.
We’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for caring people just like you who are struggling with how to go about getting professionally prepared legal documents.

Congrats and thanks again and we are excited to help you attain the peace of mind by partnering with you to address these important decisions.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.


Steve Gibbs, Esq.

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Florida Attorney Prepared Legal Documents Available

Florida Enhanced Life Estate "Lady Bird" Deed $499

The Life Enhanced Deed, a/k/a Enhanced Life Estate Deed a/k/a Lady Bird Deed is a very useful legal document that can offer a number of advantages.
Some of the common purposes for this deed include probate avoidance, generational planning and even Medicaid planning.

Note of Caution: This is a sophisticated legal document that requires expert preparation by an experienced attorney. 

 There are circumstances that can result from the improper use and application of this deed to inappropriate circumstances.

Florida Advance Medical Directive $399

This package includes important medical documents: the Florida Living Will and Florida Designation of Healthcare Surrogate (i.e. healthcare power of attorney). But that's not all, we also add extended instructions re; nutrition and hydration and a HIPAA Release Waiver just to make sure you've got things covered.

The living will is essentially a "do-not-resuscitate" used when someone cannot make his/her own medical decisions. 

 The designation of healthcare surrogate is appointing the person entrusted to enforce the living will and make any decisions within its scope not specified. Thus, it is critical to have these important documents professionally prepared. 

Florida Durable Power of Attorney $299

The durable power of attorney is arguably one of the most useful and under-appreciated of the estate planning documents. This simple document can save loved ones needless heartache by allowing them to manage the financial affairs of a parent or adult child who is unable to do so.
This simple document can prevent loved ones from having to endure expensive court proceedings to appoint guardians and is also very useful in facilitating critical estate planning moves in difficult circumstances.

Durable powers of attorney are state specific and are often rejected for various reasons by financial institutions. 

 Thus, skilled, expert preparation is essential in order to assure that your durable power of attorney is enforceable when you need it. 

Florida Quitclaim Deed $249

If you're attempting to avoid probate in Florida or create asset protection, a quitclaim deed is often required. However, problems can arise when folks take matters of title into their own hands.
Sometimes when deeds are wrongly prepared, estate planning complications can result or expensive title issues can erupt later.

Point being, even a simple quitclaim need needs an expert's touch to avoid needless mistakes and confusion. 

Additionally there may be circumstances that require more than a simple deed and during your process, we will alert you if those concerns are present.

Note:  this fee is for preparation only and does NOT include local recording fees or other costs.

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Free with Trust or Will Package Purchase Today! 

  • ​INSTANT ACCESS: Our products are PDF downloads and delivered immediately
  • A complete OVERVIEW of estate planning concepts
  • ​An complete SUMMARY of estate planning documents
  • ​An OVERVIEW of using trusts, pros and cons
  • ​​ESTATE PLANNING forms (pdf fillable) to record your estate and fiduciary information
  • ​An OVERVIEW of estate tax planning concepts
  • An ASSET CALCULATOR to expedite your estate and financial information gathering process
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