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So, among estate attorneys in my profession, my way of looking at estate planning tends to be somewhat "atypical".  

You see, what motivated me to enter this profession was always the great opportunity I could see in educating clients in this important and yet "little known" area.  I also love the fact that folks doing estate planning tend to be at their best, caring for themselves and others unselfishly by definition. 

Thus, I've always felt compelled to strive to make the concepts and various aspects of creating an estate plan easier to navigate for average people.  

With that in mind, after years of watching people juggling stacks of papers, notes and financial forms, I wanted to create something to make it EASIER for people can use to track ALL of the various aspects of their estate planning. 

This is why I created this great estate planning organizer, with over 60 pages of resources, guidance AND pdf fillable forms to help you get started, organized, motivated and focused! 

It's an easy to use tool that follows proven focus areas (education, inventory, values identification, and relationships) and SIMPLIFIES the process of calculating your assets and identifying your appointees, so that you can QUICKLY and EASILY create a snapshot of your estate assets, appointees, your process and your legacy! 

I sincerely hope you enjoy this amazing resource.

To your success,

Steve Gibbs, Esq.  

This Comprehensive Estate Planning Resource Includes: 

  • ​INSTANT ACCESS: Our products are PDF downloads and delivered immediately
  • A complete OVERVIEW of estate planning concepts
  • An complete SUMMARY of estate planning documents
  • ​An OVERVIEW of using trusts, pros and cons
  • ​​ESTATE PLANNING forms (pdf fillable) to record your estate and fiduciary information
  • ​An OVERVIEW of estate tax planning concepts
  • An ASSET CALCULATOR to expedite your estate and financial information gathering process

Sneak Peek of What You'll Get

Key Estate Planning Guidance

Personal Information Organizer

Asset Inventory with Calculator

Balance Sheet 

Important Documents Inventory

Summary of Estate Planning Documents

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